Partnerships are creating a healthier Minnesota

Partnerships increase the impact of the MMA Foundation's work.


Collaborations with established partners help MMA Foundation reach beneficiaries and extend and amplify the impact of MMAF’s grants and programs. For more information about how to become a partner, please contact Dennis Kelly at the MMA Foundation. 
The Mayo Foundation provides the mechanism for delivering MMA Foundation scholarships to medical students at Mayo Medical School.

Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Foundation

The Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Foundation provides financial support for Rural Physician Loan Forgiveness.

Minnesota Department of Health Office of Rural Health and Primary Care (ORHPC)

State and federal programs managed by ORHPC help bring health care to underserved communities. MMAF provides additional funding that takes advantage of ORHPC’s existing infrastructure and extends the reach of ORHPC programs including the Rural Physician Loan Forgiveness Program and the Minnesota State Loan Repayment Program. These programs help bring physicians to practice in medically underserved communities throughout Minnesota.
Minnesota’s Future Doctors helps outstanding college pre-med students from underserved communities succeed in college, build supportive relationships with peers and mentors and prepare for admission to medical schools. Minnesota’s Future Doctors was created by Mayo and University of Minnesota medical schools to identify, assist and attract outstanding students from underserved urban and rural communities. A 2008 grant from MMAF, helped launch Minnesota's Future Doctors. Their website was created and is operated by participating students.

Minnesota Medical Association

MMAF is the charitable foundation of the Minnesota Medical Association. Related in origin and history, and having organizational links to the MMA, MMAF is incorporated as a separate 501(c)(3) organization.

University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Medical Foundation (MMF)

Not to be confused with MMAF, MMF is associated with the University of Minnesota, and supports the university’s medical school and its other medical training and research programs. MMF provides the mechanism for delivering MMAF scholarships to medical students at the University’s Twin Cities and Duluth campuses.

Our Contributors

Those generous individuals and organizations who support the MMA Foundation with their financial contributions are also important partners in the work of the MMA Foundation.  Their support is essential to furthering the programs of the MMA Foundation.  We appreciate their contributions and recognize each one by name in our list of Contributors.

Future Partnerships

MMAF is actively engaged in building collaborative programs with foundations, health care systems and other public and private entities that share MMAF goals to expand access to health care in underserved communities and provide essential financial support for medical students.