Your contribution carries person meaning for each future doctor

Your gift makes a real difference in the life of a future physician, a colleague in medicine and for the patients whose lives they touch every day.

Making a Difference

Your Support Makes a Difference

Giving to a charitable organization like the MMA Foundation carries personal meaning for each contributor. Maybe the MMA Foundation helped you at an important time in  your life or maybe you just want to make sure we're there for others. No matter the reason, your gift creates a special connection between you and those whose lives are better thanks to your support.

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Your gift today puts you among this committed group who, through their work and by their giving, are improving the health of Minnesotans every day.

Strengthen the Foundation

Your gift allows the MMA Foundation to expand its successful programs and grow in value to the medical community and the people we serve throughout Minnesota.

Tax and Income Benefits

Making wise use of tax incentives can increase the amount of support you provide your favorite causes. More than that, tax and estate planning can also help secure your life income, ensure that your family receives the inheritance you intend, and support the causes that matter to you.

 Here are a few other benefits of gift planning:

  • Income tax savings through a charitable deduction for the value of a gift
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax on contributions of appreciated securities or property
  • Elimination of federal estate tax on the value of a gift passing through a will or revocable trust
  • Potential reduction in estate administration costs
  • Life income for contributors and/or others through life income gifts
  • Potentially higher spendable income from life income gift arrangements

Matching Gifts

You can double your contribution if your company participates in a matching gift program. Contact your human resources department to find out. It's a great way for your employer to support causes important to you.